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May 3, 2018

When I saw kale raab on the list of veg in my box last week I assumed that it must be a cross between broccoli rabe and kale.  Not so fast! As it turns out "raabs" are the tender flowering tops of bolted brassicas. There is broccoli raab, mustard raab, brussels sprout raab, and kale raab, among others.  Last summer, the kale spent all of its time developing a strong root system and leaves.  In spring, these same kale plants produce tender little yellow edib...

April 27, 2018

Beginning this week we are posting the contents of our box and the recipes from the flyer here on the blog. Recipes are linked to the original websites or blogs from whence they came, the creators of which are often great sources of inspiration to us - so do check them out!  Recipes are tagged by season and ingredient for maximum searchability. We add new recipes every week as we cook our way through our boxes - so make sure to check in for the latest.  If...

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