Blacktop Nitro is cold processed from start to finish to create a smooth, creamy espresso blend with chocolate, black cherry, and caramel notes.

Rival Bros Coffee offers a selection of custom, house-roasted blends and seasonal single-origin beans that have been carefully sourced and specially roasted to provide the best drinking experience possible. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the company believes in transparency and having a ‘raised right’ mentality. Their company prides themselves in making a locally minded global product.

Black Top Nitro Cold Brew Coffee x 4

  • Our on-staff, licensed Q-Grader loudly exclaims after every sip, “I love this coffee!” He should because he developed the roast. This coffee is dominated by the smooth velvety body, low acidity, spicy undertones, and hints of delicious dark chocolate. Fair-trade coffee farming in Papua New Guinea is one of the largest sources of agricultural revenue in the country. All of the coffee we source is from small family farms grown at a minimum elevation of 4,000 feet. This coffee is hands down the best coffee we make, and it is a must-have for anyone who loves a full-flavored, dark-roast coffee.