Super rich cream top milk from pastured cows. The milk from SpringhouseCreamery  is pasteurized at virtually the minimum level allowed under state regulations, to retain all its nutrients and flavor.

Pasteurization is a process that kills microbes, mainly bacteria, in food and drink by heating the product for a specific amount of time. State law requires that milk be heated at a minimum of 162 degrees for 17 seconds, but most companies heat milk to between 186 and 196 degrees for a shorter time, according to Southway.

The milk is also non-homogenized, causing it to have a layer of cream on top due to fat molecules rising. Homogenization is a process that occurs after pasteurization and breaks fat globules into smaller pieces.

Cream Top Whole Milk

  • Super rich and delicious cream top milk from a local NJ dairy. Milk is processed and bottled steps away from the pasture where cows enjoy the great outdoors.