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10 Reasons Why


Boxed Organics

1. Promotes healthy eating habits for ourselves and our families.

2. Enables you to eat delicious seasonal food and provides great recipes for you to try.

3. Helps reduce long term health issues, related burdens and costs by promoting healthy eating habits.

4. Makes you a part of the Sustainability Solution. For every positive decision we make we directly reduce impact of negative ones.

5. Helps reduce the amount of toxic herbicides and pesticides used. Demand for conventional produce is reduced through more purchases of sustainably grown items.

6. Makes you part of a movement which encourages more farmers to switch to organic farming as a viable economic choice. This also directly benefits the health and well-being of the farmers, their families and their farm workers.

7. Keeps small farmers on their farms and in their homes.

8. Fosters local community.

9. Helps reduce fuel emissions from transporting produce long distances.

10. Helps us support ourselves, our health and our environment.

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